Web Design Articles How to Archive your Email via PST files

If you find yourself needing to archive your older mail, this is how to do it with PST (Outlook Data) files:

  1. In Outlook, with the Home tab selected, click the 'New Items' button near the top left. From the drop down menu, click 'More Items', and from the fly out menu, click "Outlook Data File".
    archive email 1
  2. A save window will popup showing the location that Outlook wants to save the new data file. You can give it a name and click OK to save it in the default location (C:\Users\\Documents\Outlook Files), or you can choose another location to save it.
    archive email 2
  3. 4. You will now see the new data file displayed on the left hand side of Outlook, and you can drag your old mail into the data file for safe keeping.
    archive email 3
  4. You can create folders within there if you like too.
    archive email 4