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Graphic Design Calendar Design

It's pretty cool having your own custom calendar, but better still is getting new clients because of it. Consider giving your corporate calendars to key clients as gifts. Not only will they appreciate the gesture, but we'll design such a great calendar that they will proudly display it for their own customers to see. Think of it as a mini-billboard that you don't have to pay monthly to keep up.

Calendar Types

We are able to design simple and multi-page tent calendars (prism-shaped desk calendars), as well as single and multi-page wall calendars. We are also able to design graphics for calendars of custom shapes and sizes, as long as we can obtain a technical template for the calendar from a repro house (the company that will print them).

Calendar Design Examples

The below slide-show contains a calendars we've designed.

Slide Controls
  • Desktop Users:
    • Hover over a slide to pause the slide-show and reveal the slide's caption.
  • Touchscreen Users:
    • Tap once on a slide to pause the slide-show and reveal the slide's caption.
calendar design calendar design calendar design

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