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All tools on this site were built by us and we hold the copyright to them, so please do not steal our code to use elsewhere. You are, however, more than welcome to bookmark this site and use these tools as often as you like. We hope that these online tools will save you as much time as they have ,and continue to save us.

Change Case Online Tool

This is an online web tool that converts any text to either uppercase or lowercase...

Character and Word Counter Online Tool

This is an online web tool that lets you paste text ina field and then it auto calculates how many words and characters it contains...

Email Obfuscation Online Tool

Believe it or not, spammers have lives too. They don't manually visit websites to gather new email addresses for the mailing lists, because ain't nobody got time for dat. Instead, they send out bots/webcrawlers (programs they have written) which follow links on websites and 'scrape' any email addresses they find for inclusion in their lists.

These web crawling programs don't surf the web using a browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox as we humans do. Instead they crawl the HTML code behind the page (which you don't see, unless you view the page source), and we can take advantage of this by obscuring the email address in the HTML, but making sure that humans who use website browsers will still be able to see and click on your email address.

The below tool converts your email address to HTML Dec code and then wraps in a script which you can cut and paste into your websites' HTML.

String to HTML Dec/Hex Convertor

Most Ascii and Non Ascii characters can be represented by either Dec or Hex code. This can be useful for either obfuscating words in the HTML code and also for representing characters that don't otherwise display correctly in the web browser.

You can use either hex or dec, though if you are familiar with any unicode numbers, you may find dec more convenient because the dec number actually matches the unicode number. As an example, if you were wanted to type an e with an accent, as in café on your computer, you would hold down the 'Alt' key and press 0233 on your keyboard's numpad. This would produce the unicode character 'é'. For the dec number, you simply drop the zero and prefix with '&#'. So the unicode for é is alt+0233 and the dec is &#233.

Unicode to HTML Name Convertor

Many symbols have an HTML name, which you can use instead of pasting the unicode character directly into the code.

To check the unicode number of a specific character...

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard to bring up the start menu.
  2. Start typing charmap and select it when it pops up.
  3. In the Windows Character Map, you can click on the desired character and check the Alt key sequence in the bottom right of the window.