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Are MS Office templates really the way to go?

If you're still using traditional printed letterheads for all your correspondence, you're losing money. Office templates are cheaper, especially in the long run, because you only print them as you need (if you need), and making changes are quicker and easier to execute. You also save money on stamps and envelopes because you can email the documents instead.

Not only are you saving money, but you're also having less of an impact on the environment. Very few companies post letters, quotes and invoices these days, instead opting to email said documents or make them available for download. A paperless office isn't the future. It's the present.

Why get MS Office templates professionally designed?

Just because your secretary knows how to use MS Word, does not make him / her a graphic designer. An MS Word letterhead, quote, or invoice template that hasn't been designed properly is easy to spot and reflects poorly on your company image. We custom design word templates that are just as professional looking as their traditional printed counterparts.

Types of MS Office templates we design:

MS Word Letterheads

Our MS Word Templates have built-in font-styling and built-in minimalistic continuation sheets.

MS Word Quote & Invoice Templates

Our quote and invoice templates are designed from the ground up around the fields you need with none of the clutter. We also throw in a letterhead template for free seeing as it would be incorporated into the quote / invoice template anyway.

MS Word Document Templates

We can also build any other kind of document that needs styling, whether you want to use it as a template for other data, or a once off presentation. Your manuals, policies and other company documents don't need to be a hot mess anymore. The documents we create have built-in styles so if you want to create new documents from the ones we've already made for you, you can rest assured all the styles will match. This also means maintenance and editing of these docs are a breeze.

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