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Featured in Media

Robot Uprising: The AI Agenda [2023]

I talk about my background in design, the problem with generative AI art, and practical ways forward. In the background while I talk is a timelapse of a Generation Zero fan art painting I did in Corel Painter (13 hours compressed into 30 mins).

Free Painterly Brushes for Corel Painter | Roxy's Silk Collection [2023]

Roxy's Silk Collection is a painterly style brushpack developed for Corel Painter (versions 19-23).

How to blend | Beginner Digital Painting Tutorial [2023]

A tutorial of different methods of digitally mixing paint or blending. Most of the tutorial is relevant for all digital painting programs, but some methods are for Corel Painter only.

The Unique Functionality of MAGMA Studio [2022]

A review of the browser painting app "Magma Studio", showcasing it's unique feature and showing you how to get the brushes working correctly.

Easy Way to Paint Magic Energy Balls + Brushes [2022]

Tutorial on how to paint magic ball effects. Includes free brushes for Corel Painter, Photoshop, PaintStorm Studio and Krita.

Inktober | Overview + Drama [2022]

An overview of the #inktober challenge, a brief history, including both scandals, and the court verdict.

Painting Miniatures in Moon Breaker [2022]

A review and tutorial + paint demonstration of the miniature painting part of the Moon Breaker game.

Discord for Artists and Art Lovers [2022]

Launching Roxane Lapa's discord server for artists and art lovers.

Comic Ink Brushes for Corel Painter [2022]

Demo of RXY Inking Brushes, a brushpack for Corel Painter.

What's New in Painter 2023 & Is it Worth Upgrading? [2022]

Honest review of Corel Painter 2023, what's new in terms of added functionality, and a demo of all the new brushes included..

Corel Painter Texture Brushes and Papers [2022]

Demo of RXY Texture Series, a brushpack for Corel Painter.

Explaining Brush Looks in Corel Painter [2022]

Tutorial on Corel Painter Brush looks.

The Messiah [2022]

A timelapse of the creation of this artwork, timed to the song 'The Messah' by Bloodgood.

How To Paint Rocks ... and most other stuff [2022]

Spoiler alert, this tutorial is about a lot more than painting rocks. Yes you will learn how to paint rocks, but you will also learn different methods on starting a painting. You can apply these digital art techniques with almost anything you need to paint.

Corel Painter Drawing Demo + Brushes [2022]

This is a drawing demonstration using the brushes in the pack "Roxy's Drawing Brushes" for Corel Painter.

Free Brush Pack for Corel Painter [2021]

This is a demonstration of all the brushes included in the free Brush Pack "Roxy's Essential Painting Brushes" for Corel Painter.

VX Art Tournament Process Video | Round 2 Entry | Nyaminyami [2021]

Roxan'es entry for round 2 (top 20) of the 2021 VX Art Tournament. The theme was 'African Mythology'.

VX Art Tournament Process Video | Round 1 Entry | Resilience [2021]

This is the process video for Roxane's entry into the 2021 VX Art Tournament. The theme was 'Resilence: The Strength to Create is Worth Defending'.

Drawing + Painting a Monster in Real Time [2021]

A concept art style painting of the Abomination from Citadel Forged with Fire. Drawn and Painted in real time in Corel Painter. Just over 3 hours of footage.

Comic Con Feature [2021]

Roxane Lapa did a live art demonstration painting DC Comics' Swamp Thing, as a guest on the Comic Con Africa Twitch channel. This is the VOD of that session.

Help With Corel Painter Bugs [2021]

A video discussing 3 common issues in Corel Painter with some solutions.

Painting Rim Light, Glows, Reflections, & more [2021]

A timelapse with commentary on the full process in painting this Fallout 76 fan art.

Corel Painter Paper Textures | Tutorial [2021]

A tutorial all about paper textures in Corel Painter. I show you how to capture custom paper textures, create a custom paper library, how to use texture brushes in Corel Painter, and more.

Painting SCP-073 | Timelapse with Commentary [2021]

This painting was for a Discord art challenge.

Karen Zombie [2021]

Watch the creation of this fan concept art of Karen Zombie. She wants to eat the manager's brains.

Designing a Movie Poster | Proko Challenge [2021]

A movie poster I designed for a Proko challenge. Zombieland 3.

Comic SciFi Art Process Process [2021]

In this fan art of a harvester robot from the game 'Generation Zero', I show my process using Paintstorm Studio and Corel Painter, and also discuss the concept artist, Francis Tsai, as inspiration for the style.

Fantasy Art Digital Painting Full Process [2021]

In this painting of an original Maple Faerie, I show my process through Pinterest to Design Doll to Corel Painter to Paintstorm Studio, with lots of (hopefully) useful narration.

Create Any Brush in Corel Painter [2021]

A 5 part tutorial on the brush engine of Corel Painter.

Free Corel Painter Brushes [2020]

Showcase of free brushet set created for Corel Painter 2021 (though should be backwards compatible). Download Link

MTN App of the Year Awards [2017]

Coza Web Design provided the HTML pages for TheTreeApp which won an award in 2017. Coza Web Design's Roxane Lapa featured on the far right in this acceptance speech.

Tech@Work Interview [2009]

Coza Web Design's José Lapa is interviewed by CNBC Africa's show Tech@Work on the subject of how web design has changed over the years.

SistaHood Interview [2008]

Coza Web Design's Roxane Lapa is interviewed by e-tv's show SistaHood on the subject of social networking and cyber-safety.