South African Website Design Company

// Giving the Internet a make-over since 2006

About Coza Web Design

Coza Web Design is a South African design agency that offers web design, graphic design, digital design, and illustration to a global clientelle.

We have been a registered, practising business since 2006, and have had many clients over the years. Some have stuck with us from as far back as 2007. We bring our Christian principles with us into every job we do (Colossians 3:23), and every job we give (Romans 13:8).

Roxane Lapa | Designer and Illustrator

Roxane Lapa is our resident lead designer and illustrator. She has a Higher Diploma in Graphic Design and Multimedia from the Design School of Southern Africa (validated by the London School of Arts), and 20 years of hands on experience with every facet of the design industry. She's also an accomplished digital artist and regularly publishes art tutorials on YouTube.

José Lapa | 3D Artist and Designer

José Lapa is our resident 3D artist, and fill in designer. He's a self-taught 3D modeller, with a background in architectural draughting. He has a regular Twitch stream where he builds 3D models in Blender. Occassionally, he fills in with graphic design work (apprenticed under Roxane Lapa).

Other Partners

Where complex web programming is needed, we outsource to a handful of South African web developers, who outsource design work to us in turn. Over the years we've partnered with Gareth Cornish; brothers Harry and Hennie Botha; and more recently, Durand Botha (Hennie's son). We also worked with Herman van den Berg and Gerrit Van Niekerk on an award winning app.