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Web Designers in South Africa

South African Web Design Portal

A project we started to showcase S.A. web designers. If you are a web designer in South Africa, listing there could provide you with some of our overflow of work, as we refer clients there when we are too busy to take on a particular job.

Web designers all over the world

International Web Designer Directory

We started this directory to deal with the non-South African submissions we were receiving at the South African web portal. This directory is for web design companies throughout the world.

Design Collaboration Directory

Design Collaboration Directory

A directory of website resources and service providers with various skill-sets (e.g. copywriters, graphic designers, etc) that compliment the web design industry. We refer clients here for services we don't offer.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

This is a mini-site that focusses on our responsive web design service.

Online Tools

Free Online Tools

Coza's online tool repository is a collection of useful script tools and generators like character counters, case changers, HTML Dec/Hex converters, etc. They are free to use and because they are online, require no installation.

custom web programming solutions

Dumel Systems

Our regular partner for complex web development projects such as those involving custom content management systems, ecommerce and other programming solutions.

Midrand Personal Trainer

Midrand Personal Trainer

We not only promote clean coding, but also clean living. This is the personal website of Coza's co-founder, José, who is a qualified personal trainer and would love to help you live healthier.

Midrand Personal Trainer

South African Author

Coza's co-founder, Roxane, is also a non fiction author. Her books are available in digital and paperback formats through almost any online book retailer, and sometimes for free on her own site.

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Please do NOT request a link partnership because this is not link-farm. This is a hand curated collection of links to websites that we are somehow involved with.