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Illustration Illustrated Logos & Avatars

We design normal logos too, but if you're looking for something fully illustrated, then you're in the right place.

Logo Design

Face logos, Avatars and Mascot Design

We design corporate business logos of course, but sometimes you need something more artistic, like a hand drawn logo to represent your companies warmth and uniqueness, or perhaps you need a face logo designed for use as an avatar on social media. We can illustrate a custom logo that perfectly represents you and what you're about.

Get a digitally illustrated logo

Here's what you will get for your money:

1. Concepts and updates

We provide updates all throughout the design and illustration process, from the initial rough concept, through to the polished final logo. This is to allow you to send comments to make sure we keep true to your initial vision.

2. Usable Logo Files

We then provide you with your logo in a variety of formats and resolutions, so that you can use it digitally and for print.

Illustrated Logo Design Examples

Below are some fully illustrated logos we have previously designed:

Urban Farming Mascot Logo Design
Mascot Logo Design

For this job, the client was very clear on the type of art style they wanted, so they sent through reference for us to look at, and gave a basic verbal description of the character's attributes. Our illustrator, Roxane Lapa, conceptualized a few earthworm characters, and then refined the most promising one based on client feedback. The flat artwork style meant that we could redraw the approved illustration as a vector file, which the client can use at any size.

Food Truck Mascot Logo Design
Mascot Logo Design

Our client sent a primitive pencil sketch of what the character should like, but was less decisive about the style, so our illustrator, Roxane Lapa, digitally sketched 3 versions of the character in different styles. The client chose the style they preferred and then we refined it digitally, and provided a high res file without a background, for use on various media.

Hand Drawn Logo Design
Hand Drawn Logo Design

Our client sent through various logos that had the same style she wanted, and specified the subject matter (Pismo Pier, California). Our illustrator, Roxane Lapa, digitally drew the bridge from 3 different angles, and then refined the chosen design, and vectorized it.

Streamer Face Logo Design
Streamer Face Logo Design

Our illustrator, Roxane Lapa, used photographic reference of the streamer to paint a character likeness with a comic book hero theme. We provided the client with transparent pngs in various sizes and qualities for various use.

Streamer Avatar Logo Design
Streamer Avatar Design

This client provided no photographic reference of themselves, but rather a description of what they wanted the character to look like. Our illustrator, Roxane Lapa, sketched the character and then refined it via feedback from the client. We provided the client with transparent pngs in various sizes and qualities for various use.

Streamer Mascot Design
Streamer Mascot Character

This client wanted an anthropomorphic squirrel character for his hacking themed YouTube channel. Our illustrator, Roxane Lapa, first conceptualized 3 head variations. Once the client had approved one, she then started work on the body, posing and clothing options, providing the client with various options, and refining as per feedback.

Let us illustrate your logo

for an obligation free quote for your illustrated logos and mascot/character design. We respond quickly to emails, and are happy to answer any questions you have about the process. If you approve the quote, you can expect regular updates so that you are part of the whole process. We know your logo needs to represent you perfectly, and we want to blow you away with nailing it.

Illustrated Logo Design Cost

Typically R1950 / $135, but depends on complexity required. Final logo provided in a variety of formats.

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If you have any questions about our logo design process, or would like an obligation-free quote please drop us an email:

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