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Coza Web Design is a South African web design company offering unique, high quality website design, graphic design and digital design to both local and foreign markets. We welcome enquiries for our services from any size organization.

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If you'd prefer to send an email rather than completing the form, you can mail your enquiry to:

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At this time, we don't have any job openings and neither do we offer internships. Any changes in this respect will be announced here.

We don't outsource design work at all. We rarely outsource programming work, but if we do, it's strictly to local South African companies only. We typically do not allow our design work to be resold.

The price of a website depends on the scope of work - it could cost as little as R7k or in excess of R70k. Please peruse our price list for budgeting purposes, or contact us for an obligation-free quote.

If we take on your job, we will design and build it from scratch. We only offer maintenance to websites that we designed and built ourselves, because then we know it's been designed thoughtfully, and built correctly from the ground up.

We require all business correspondence to be email based for record purposes & to eliminate misunderstandings. You're probably accustomed to having your email queries ignored or answered days or weeks later, but we always respond promptly so if you have any questions, just drop us a mail and we'll do our best to help.

We don't have physical meetings anymore, and we only schedule 1 zoom meeting per week if necessary. Please pop us an email where we can help you quicker. We always respond promptly to emails.