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Privacy Policy

  • If you send us a legitimate query (i.e. not spam or a scam), we promise to only use your provided details to help answer your query.
  • We do not maintain mailing lists of any kind, nor do we sell or share details for that purpose.
  • If you use a form on our website, your IP address will be recorded. The only time we will access that IP Address is if you have spammed us, tried to hack us, or some similar illegal activity. IP Addresses from legitimate queries will remain private.
  • Bottom line: If you are above board, your details are safe with us.


We, like most websites, use Google Analytics on our site. Google Analytics does not tell us who you are, but it does create cookies that track your movements on our site. It tells us what area you are accessing the site from, how you entered our site (example from Google Search), what browser you used, what pages you visited on our site, and how long you stayed on said pages. It does not give us personally identifiable information. The information it does give us is simply used to streamline our website. We may analyse the data to see what and where we can optimize.


  • Everything on this website belongs to Coza Web Design cc.
  • You may not use anything on this website (text / pictures / code) without express permission from Coza Web Design cc in writing.
  • Plagiarism is a criminal offense. Besides that, you will never get ahead in life if you aren't original.