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Website Design

Let us design an effective website for you.

Here's what you will get for your money:

1. Unique, High Quality Design

Your website will be designed by a highly qualified and seasoned professional. If you have an eye for detail, this is immediately apparent simply by looking at our site and through our portfolio. We don't do cheap and nasty. We spend time on our designs and take pride in our work.

2. Targeted UX Design

UX (User Experience) is a design philosophy that focusses on making your website ultra user-friendly so that your visitors have an effortless and enjoyable experience navigating your website, and leading them towards a goal - like contacting you or buying a product/service.

3. Design Options

We design primarily for your target market because it's most important that your customers love your website, however we also want you personally to love it. For this reason, we quiz you before starting the design work to get a good idea of your taste. That way we give you design options that are in line with your personal preferences. If your desires clash with your target market, we consult with you about this to ensure that we are on the same page. After a design option is chosen, we're also happy to tweak it to perfection before we begin building the website.

4. Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Web Pages

Ordinary websites are designed with fixed widths, usually 990 pixels wide, which ensures that the website looks good on PC screens and tablets in landscape mode, but smart phone users (roughly 50% of your visitors) struggle to navigate and view your website. We design responsive websites that look great on wide screens, but also dynamically change width (and sometimes layout) to fit the device that the website is being viewed on.

5. Search Engine Friendly Website

If nobody can find your website, what do you even have a website for? The first and most basic step to search engine success is to ensure that search engine's web crawlers can properly navigate your site, read its content, and easily determine what the main subjects are. There is, of course, much more to web marketing, but this fundamental step of on-page optimization is included at no extra cost.

6. Clean and stable code

Sadly most websites are full of invalid code and errors. Don't take our word for it - check out almost any website on the W3C validator, and then check our error-free website. Sloppy coding is the lazy web designer's way of sweeping the proverbial dirt under the rug. We have pride in our work and do things properly. That means your site will have clean code and won't fall apart.

7. Good communication every step of the way.

The web design and development industry is notorious for poor service. Ordinarily you could expect moderate sales support, and thereafter prepare to be ignored. We're not like that. We always reply in a timely fashion to all queries, and communicate clearly each step of the way. For us it's simple common courtesy but our customers love us for it because it's become such a rare quality.

Web Design Examples

We have a portfolio featuring a selection of websites we've designed and built. These are all 100% original designs, and should give you an idea of the quality of work you can expect from us.

View Web Design Portfolio »

How much does a website cost?

How much are you prepared to pay? Mwuhahahaha!
Just kidding of course. We don't make up pricing based on what we think the customer will pay, but rather on how much work is involved. Because a website's scope can range from a one page static splash screen to a responsive ecommerce system, prices range for R5k to in excess of R50k.

We have a price list with some figures to give you an idea for budgeting purposes, but please don't be shy to contact us for a quote. We'll discuss your project with you via email and determine an accurate price based on your needs. Knowing what you're prepared to spend beforehand does help though, because we can always suggest changes to your spec so that it fits within your budget.

What else will you need?

You will very likely need:

  • A Domain and Web Host
    Every website needs a domain (website address that you register and renew yearly), as well as a hosting package (always-on server that your website files reside on for the public to access). We can assist you with both of these - just head on over to our web hosting page for details and pricing.
  • Search Engine Marketing
    Assuming you want people to be able to find your website on Google, etc., we need to submit applications forms to these organizations to let them know your site exists and invite them to add your site to their search results. Check out our web marketing page to see what we do and don't offer in terms of marketing your site.

You might also need:

  • Web Maintenance
    If we take on your job, we will design and build it from scratch. We only offer maintenance to websites that we designed and built.
    For minor changes, we charge our standard minutely rate (so you don't have to pay for a whole hour of maintenance if it only takes 5 minutes). For structural changes, we will provide you with a quote based on what needs to be done.
    For frequent maintenance, you might consider a CMS (Content management System) so that you can maintain the website yourself, or a monthly retainer, whereby you pay us monthly for an hour or more of our time at a discounted rate.
  • Web Development
    Some websites need more than just plain HTML. They require a bit of specialized programming. Examples of such are: Blogs, Content Management Systems, and Shopping Carts. If you think you might need something like this, see our web development page for a bit more info on this.
  • Fixed Width Web Design
    If you're on a really tight budget, but still want a quality site, have a look at our fixed-width websites to start with. It's not mobile friendly, but you can always upgrade it later as funds become available. On the other hand, if you need justification on why a responsive (mobile-friendly) website is worth it, have a look at these:

How do I proceed?

We'd love to answer any questions you may have about our web design services to help you make your decision, so please don't hesitate to drop us an email: . We respond quickly to all queries.

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