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The majority of your correspondence is probably done via email, so it's time to start doing with style. If necessary, we can provide full email stationery for ordinary emails or email newsletters, or you may simply want a tasteful email signature designed.

Email Design Services

We can professionally design the following for you:

Email Signatures

We can design email signatures for use with Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, or Gmail.

Email Stationery

We can design email stationery (the top banner and the signature) to be plugged into a third-party sender like RocketSeed.

Email Newsletters

We can design email newsletters to be used with bulk mailing providers like iScan or simpler ones that you can send yourself.

Email Adverts / Invites

We can design email adverts and e-invites to be used with bulk mailing providers like iScan or through your own email program.

Design only...

We design email adverts and newsletters, and build them as HTML files to be sent either from your MS Outlook / Windows Live Mail / Mozilla Thunderbird application, or to be handed over to a company that sends bulk mail on your behalf. This is as far as we go. We don't supply mailing lists and we don't send emails for you. We can however suggest a company to use, if needed.

Do Unto Others...

You don't like to receive spam, so please don't send spam. Putting an 'unsubscribe' button at the bottom and quoting references to vague government acts doesn't magically make the emails solicited. It doesn't matter how great your product or service is, if somebody didn't give you permission to send them bulk email, don't do it.

Email Design Examples

The below slide-show contains a few emails we've designed.

Slide Controls
  • Desktop Users:
    • Hover over a slide to pause the slide-show and reveal the slide's caption.
  • Touchscreen Users:
    • Tap once on a slide to pause the slide-show and reveal the slide's caption.
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Email Us

If you have any questions about our email design process, or would like an obligation-free quote please drop us an email:

Please No Spam

We don't want to be placed on your mailing list, and we don't want to buy anything from you.
All spammers will be reported to their ISPs &/or web hosts.