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We program with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL to provide you with various web development options and extra functionality...

Not all websites are created equal. Most websites require only HTML and CSS to achieve what the client desires. Others require more complex languages such as JavaScript and PHP.

Here's a few examples of specialized systems we can build for you:


We provide the best kind of blog - a WordPress blog. WordPress blogs are scalable and user friendly. WordPress blogs come with default themes, but we will design a custom theme especially for you, either as a stand alone blog or as part of a larger website.


A CMS (Content Management System) will allow you to update your own site. Our maintenance options are very reasonable, so in most cases it's more economical to pay for updates as needed, but there are scenarios where a CMS makes sense. In most cases we will use WordPress as the basis and design a custom theme for it, but if WordPress is too limiting for your requirements, we can also provide a custom solution.


Ecommerce is basically a shopping cart so that your customers can purchase items off your website. We use WordPress together with the WooCommerce plugin as the basis for your shop, and we design a custom theme especially for your business.

Portfolio Websites

For graphic Designers, Photographers, and other creatives, you could always have profiles on any of the numerous portfolio type social media sites (you could find some here), but it's always more professional to have your own site at your own domain. We can build you a portfolio site with WordPress as a basis using a custom theme.

Custom Solutions and Mobile Apps

If complex programming and/or mobile apps are required, we will have our programming partners quote on that portion of the work while we continue to handle the design work. With us, you will never experience the Jack of all Trades, Master of None scenario. We do what we do best, and where something is not within our realm of expertise and, we sub contract (without any hefty mark-ups). One of the apps we worked on (we provided the HTML pages), won an award recently which we are super thrilled about...

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