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Graphic Design Logo Design

We do fully illustrated logos too, but if you're looking for a corporate business logo, then you're in the right place.

Logo Design

For artistic hand drawn logos, mascot logos, streamer avatars etc, check out our Illustrated Logos & Avatars page. This page is for a slick, graphically designed logos.

Pro vs Ready Made / Amateur Logos

Despite how how great your product or service is, if your logo looks like it was designed by your secretary or downloaded off a clip-art site, potential customers won't give you a chance because you look like a fly-by-night. If you don't want paying customers to pass you by in favour of your competition, you need a professional logo and we would love to design one for you.

Let us design a professional logo for your business.

Here's what you will get for your money:

1. Thoughtful Design Options

We don't just take your money, spit out a design, and move on. Before we start designing we ask you various questions to get a thorough understanding of what you do, who your target market are, and your personal taste. We then design 3 unique logo concepts, and tweak the chosen one to perfection.

2. Logo Files & CI Booklet

We then provide you with the logo files and a mini corporate ID document which outlines how your logo may be used in various media, as well as fonts and corporate colours.

Logo Design Examples

Below are some logos we have previously designed:

logo design
Conservative Afrikaans Logo Design

We designed this logo for a clothing label that caters to a conservative Afrikaans market. The client wanted the word Tannie (Afrikaans for aunty) with the 'i' made into a wooden spoon. We made several versions for application in differrent places/situations.

logo design
African Tour Company Logo Design

We designed this logo for a Ugandan tour company. They wanted a pestle and mortar as the feature of their logo, so we designed 3 versions, and this stylized version of the tool set in terracotta was the chosen version. We also provided a reduced size horizontal version for use in tight spaces.

logo design
South African Tour Company Logo Design

We designed this logo for a Cape Town tour Company. They wanted the logo to feature a Protea (South Africa's National flower), so we designed 3 versions, and this stylized version of the flower with a hint of a glowing heart was the chosen version.

logo design
Christian Logo Design

We designed this logo for a Men's Ministry called C4. The brief was to combine the letter C with the number 4 in an iconic way that felt masculine but clean. We went the extra step of emphasizing the cross on the logo, which the client loved.

logo design
Badge Style Logo Design

We designed this logo for a laundromat in Minnesota. After consulting with them about their needs, we designed 3 unique badge-style logos. They liked one of them very much but asked for an element from one of the others to be incorporated, so we made those tweaks, and also provided a horizontal variation for them to use in places where the badge style logo would be too small for the text to be clearly legible (for example, on a pen).

logo design
Clean Symbol Logo Design

This logo was for a startup scooter rental business at a university in Illinois. The client asked for a design centered around a check mark in purple. We designed 3 options, including horizontal versions which would be better for websites, and the client liked one of them as is, without further modification. Featured above is the chosen logo design as a white version for purple backgrounds and a purple version for other background colours.

logo design
Designed Text Logo

We designed this logo for a client in California, who needed to brand a new total commerce system. We designed 3 options as per the general idea in the brief. The client loved one option but wanted a modification made which incorporated the symbol onto a letter, so we tweaked a fourth option which became the final.

logo design
Subtle African Style Logo Design

This logo was designed for a South African ex-pat who had started making boerewors in Ireland. As it's an African product, we made sure to design the logo options to have an African feel, but not stereotypically so. The client loved this option and had us design the packaging and promotional posters too.

logo design
Traditional African Style Logo Design

We designed this logo for a successful engineer and property mogul. He wanted the logo to reflect his family's humble beginnings and roots. We designed 3 options, and he chose one of them with the request of some extra symbolism, which we embellished it with.

logo design
Watermark Logo Design

We designed this logo for a photographer in the Western Cape to use as a watermark on his photos. It incorporates the name of the company with a hint of a camera lens in the design.

logo design
Text Logo with Designed Slogan Incorporated

This logo was for our programming partner in the Western Cape who offers custom solutions. He wanted a simple logo, but for it to reflect the flexibility he could offer, as well as emphasize the solid coding base. Programmers will recognise the coding style brackets and monospaced font.

logo design
Software Logo Design

This aeronautical software logo existed previously with a dated look. Our Netherlands-based client commissioned us to modernise it.

logo design
Vacation Themed Logo Design

We designed this logo for a South African vacations bookings platform. It previously existed as a badge style logo (the symbol in the 'o'). The client needed something more versatile, that would work better on their website, but still maintain the holiday feel, so we provided 3 options and this was the winner.

logo design
Armed Security Logo Design

This logo was for an armed security firm in South Africa. As Christians ourselves, we immediately realized the flaming swords that guard the garden on the East side of Eden would be perfect for this logo. The client agreed, and this is the chosen option out of the 3 we designed.

logo design
Environmental Product Logo Design

The brief for this logo design job mentioned that it was an environmentally friendly bag company and needed an African feel. Out of the 3 we designed, the client loved this one.

Let us design your logo

for an obligation free quote for your logo design. We respond quickly to emails, and are happy to answer any questions you have about the process. If you approve the quote, you can expect regular updates so that you are part of the whole process. We know your logo needs to represent you perfectly, and we want to blow you away with nailing it.

Logo Design Cost

R1950 / $135 for 3 unique options designed specifically for you. We will also tweak your favourite of the 3 logos until you are happy with it. Final logo provided in a variety of formats, and corporate identity document.

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