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We program with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL to provide you with various web development options and extra functionality...

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Wordpress Blog

Fancy yourself a writer? Blogs are particularly great as travelogues and for writing reviews, but some people are entertaining enough, that simply writing about everyday events gain them enough popularity to pick up sponsors. We provide the best kind of blog - a WordPress blog. WordPress blogs are scalable and user friendly, and we design totally unique themes for your WordPress blog, either as a stand alone blog or as part of a larger website.


A CMS (Content Management System) is special functionality that we add that will enable you to update your own site. It's expensive because it is custom developed for your needs, but will pay itself off if you do regular updates or if the site is very large.


E-commerce is basically a shopping cart so that your customers can purchase items off your website. This is also expensive to set up, but it pays itself off in the long run. We suggest initially using the cart to enable orders and EFT payments only, because for credit card payments you need to pay a payment gateway provider every month regardless of whether you make any sales, so rather wait till you have a fairly steady flow of online customers to offset those costs.

Optional Extras

  • Google Custom Search
    This a free search function that Google has provided. We customise it (as far as possible) for your website so that your customers can use it to search your site. This function has pro's and cons. The pro's being that your website has a search engine and pages are indexed by Google. The cons being that the search bar must contain the Google logo, and results pages contain adverts.
  • Google Adsense
    If you want to monetise your website, meaning 'make money from it', Google offers a functionality whereby they provide adverts for a space designated on your website, and Google pays you a few cents per click. The adverts are based on the content of the page they are on, so beprepared that adverts for your competition may be displayed from time to time.
  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics is a robust and free way to find out more about your website visitors. It can tell you how many visitors each page gets; what keywords the visitors used to find your page; from where in the world the visitors are visiting from, and more. Gone are the days of having embarrassing hit counters on your website - instead you log in to analytics where you can see all kinds of data about your site, rearranged in user friendly graphs.
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Website + Logo Special

If you commission us to design a website, you also have the option of us designing the logo for the same company for free.