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If your budget is very tight, then this is the option for you, but otherwise rather go for a responsive (mobile-friendly) website instead

Designing websites is our speciality. We don't use templates - our web designs are 100% unique and designed from scratch just for you. Each website is hand coded in HTML5 together with CSS, resulting in W3C standards compliance and accessibility. Additionally, we test each website in all popular browsers to make sure that they are cross-browser-friendly. Website graphics are optimised for web to ensure fast loading speeds and well-thought out navigation helps your customers get what they want quickly.

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Website Cost

Website prices amongst different web design companies are vastly different, and that's because quality is vastly different. All our web designs are top quality and reasonably priced. Our prices for websites are based on the scope of work - it could cost as little as R 7 000.00 or in excess of R 70 000.00. Please contact us for an obligation-free quote.

Web Design Process

The length of time it takes to design and build a website depends on the scope of work - it could take as little as 3 weeks or longer than 3 months. If you can tell us exactly what you need done, we can give a more accurate timeline.

Website Maintenance

If we take on your job, we will design and build it from scratch. We only offer maintenance to websites that we designed and built.

For minor changes, we charge our standard minutely rate (so you don't have to pay for a whole hour of maintenance if it only takes 5 minutes). For structural changes, we will provide you with a quote based on what needs to be done.

For frequent maintenance, you might consider a CMS (Content management System) so that you can maintain the website yourself, or a monthly retainer, whereby you pay us monthly for an hour or more of our time at a discounted rate.

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Website Services

Standard Web Design... Best Web Design for most clients... Responsive Web Design... Web Design for mobiles, tablets, etc... Web Development... Blog, CMS, Shopping Cart, and more... Web Marketing... SEO and Directory Submissions... Website Hosting... Domain Registration and Hosting...

Web Design Glossary

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Website + Logo Special

If you commission us to design a website, you also have the option of us designing the logo for the same company for free.