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Internet Banner Adverts are one of the few forms of advertising that have the ability to translate into instant sales. Printed adverts, for the most part, merely serve as brand awareness, but digital adverts have the added benefit of being clickable. Great graphics with a catchy call to action placed on the right website in a prime location has the ability to bring in many new customers. Done wrong, however, it's a complete waste of money.

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Banner Advert Advice

If you don't choose the right websites to advertise on, you may as well just set fire to your money as that will achieve the same results. Another problem lies in the fact that there are no set prices in the internet advertising industry. Digital Advertising costs vary greatly from site to site, making it difficult for those not in the industry to recognise a great opportunity from daylight robbery. For this reason, if we design an internet banner advert for you, we also provide a free advisement service whereby we will advise on how to find the best places to advertise and whether an advertising rate is justified or not.

Banner Advert Sizes

Though we can design internet banner adverts to any size required, there are standard sizes which most websites conform to, so having a banner advert designed in one of these set dimensions provides the possibility of re-using it on multiple websites and within the Google AdWords environment.

.jpg / .png / .swf / .gif

Besides dimensions, whichever website you place your advert on will have specifications that need to be adhered to, such as file format and file size. If only jpg and/or png files are allowed, then the advert can not be animated, but if gifs and/or swf files are allowed, we can animate the advert so as to have more frames or some movement. In this event, it's almost always better to opt for an gif file. Swf files are better in that you can have more frames/colours at a lower file size than a gif file, however, those using an ipad or iphone won't be able to view the advert. Gif files are best designed with a small number of flat coloured areas rather than gradients because gif file size is calculated by the number of colours used, so a gradient can make the file exceptionally large.

Banner Advert Examples