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'VALUE' and 'CHEAP' are not the same thing.

When I say the word 'value', most people think of 'price', but there are different kinds of values. We at Coza Web Design build valuable sites, not cheap ones.

The most expensive is not necessarily the best, but the cheapest is without a doubt, not the best. Coza Web Design is not the most expensive in the business - there are others who charge far more, but if you want a cheap site and all you care about is the price tag, then we aren't the company for you.

There are lots of companies that offer cheaper sites, and here are a few reasons why they are cheaper:

Cheap designers don't care about your target market or your personal preferences.

They just want to build the site and get paid as fast as they can. At Coza Web Design, we make it our business to ensure that we are clear on your target market and your personal preferences, and will address conflicts between these two areas before we even start with the designs.

Most cheap designers will provide you with only one web design concept (layout option) and expect you to be happy with that.

They will grudgingly change a thing or two (or maybe even not) if you aren't happy. We at Coza Web Design provide not 1, not 2, but 3 unique, polished layout options especially designed for you to choose from, and we will also make changes to the chosen layout if needed.

Many cheap designers use templates.

This means that instead of designing something especially for you and your needs, they use a design template, perhaps just changing the odd picture or colour scheme. If you don't care that your site may have more than a passing resemblance to thousands of other sites (and definitely all their clients), then a cheap designer might be the right choice for you, but also consider...

Cheap designers don't care about proper coding.

Unbeknownst to you, your site could have hundreds of validation errors. Validation errors are often the culprit for your site not looking the same in all the popular browsers. Some coding errors can even prevent search engines like Google from properly scanning your website. Coza Web Design uses the latest coding language and we make damn sure there are no validation errors.

Cheap designers don't care if your site never does well on Google.

Cheap designers aren't going to spend time making sure the site is search engine friendly. They only do the bare minimum amount of work. We at Coza Web Design make sure that we build the site on a solid foundation and make sure to tick all the boxes when it comes to on-site optimization. Furthermore if you ask us to do something that is going to hurt your search rank, we will tell you because we want you to succeed. The more our clients succeed, the better testimony it is for us.

Cheap designers don't care about your deadlines.

They will pretend to at first, but once the deposit is paid, you are at their mercy and they will make themselves very scarce or offer lots of excuses. In the past 9 years, we at Coza Web Design have only missed 3 deadlines, and technically none of them were our fault. One deadline was missed due to a third party involved in the job, and the other two deadlines were missed because of the client themselves failing to give us something we needed on time.

Cheap designers will ignore your emails.

They will take one look at your email and think to themselves 'You aren't paying me enough to care about this.' Cheap designers are only available when they are trying to sell you something or when it is time for them to be paid. If you find a bug on your site or something that needs to be changed, suddenly your needs are very low priority for them. At Coza Web Design, the only emails we ignore are spam. We answer all legitimate queries and we do it in a timely fashion.

To summarize: We don't build cheap websites, but we do build sites that are value for money. We build valuable sites. We feel if you are going to do something, do it properly or not at all. We take pride in doing our jobs right because we believe our work is a reflection on ourselves as people.

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